Global Awareness Assiciation

Global Awareness Assiciation

Healing Events und Synchronized Humanity Tour

Film Festival "Truth Heals"

65 years after the Second World War – from trauma to a new dynamism of responsibility

A cooperation between the Global Awareness Association and the publishers J. Kamphausen.

Approximately 55 million people were killed during the Second World War, equally 6 million Jews were murdered as well as members of other nations and ethnic groups. Innumerable scars have been repressed to the collective consciousness. The Film Festival wants to show ways in how people involved in the war, dealt with it. The films will be shown as originals and, where possible with German subtitles.

Urania Berlin, An der Urania 17, 10787 Berlin
Entrance 8 €, reduced 7 €


Sunday, 18 April, 5 p.m
Forgiving Dr. Mengele
Eva Mozes Kor herself will be present for this film performance.

USA 2006 / Producers: Cheri Pugh & Bob Hercules / 82 min.

Participants: Eva Mozes Kor, Sami Adwan, Albert H. Friedlander, Hubert Markl, Vera Kriegel, Jona Laks, Ephraim Reichenberg, Alex Kor, Michael Kor, Rina Kor u.A.

Eva Mozes Kor was, together with her twin sister and many others, a victim of the experiments of Doctor Mengele, one of the concentration camp doctors. They both survived, and after the death of her twin sister, due to the subsequent consequences of the concentration camp in 1993, Eva Mozes Kor visited Germany. The experience of this journey led her to forgive her tormentors. “I was no longer a victim of Auschwitz. I was no longer a prisoner of my tragic past. At last I was free”. Bob Hercules and Cheri Pugh followed Eva Mozes Kor impressively.

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Sunday, 18th April, 8 p.m.
The End of the Neubacher Project

AUS/NL 2006 / Producer: Marcus J. Carney / 74 min.

“At the beginning I wanted to make a film about the dead Nazis of my family. The reason was simple and unbearable: a far too secret state of depression”. “It is all about nothing less than fascism and its continuous deadly consequences.” “Every person has parents and every person has a family history. Nearly every family is sooner or later shocked by historical facts, dead ancestors and past lives.”

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Tuesday, 20th April, 08 p.m.
In the Face of Darkness. A Spiritual Meeting with Auschwitz

D/USA 2009 / Regie: Christof Wolf / OmU / 74 min.

Auschwitz – a unique symbol of methodical perfect horror and yet destination of daily hordes of tourists. How can a meeting with this place avoid the banality of a mere viewing. The New York Zen Master Roshi Bernhard Glassman asked himself this question. His answer: “The Auschwitz Retreat.” He invited people from many different backgrounds and ideologies, to totally unprotected face Auschwitz. Christians, Jews, Muslims and Buddhists met. Descendants of victims and descendants of perpetrators. The film portrays 5 participants and follows closely their inner development. They change, convictions start to wobble, old scars burst open, reconciliation begins to take place. Not any longer do they go to Auschwitz, Auschwitz comes to them – testimony of that which once happened here.

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