Global Awareness Assiciation

Global Awareness Assiciation

Healing Events und Synchronized Humanity Tour

Healing Event Berlin, September 25th 2007

Fontane Haus, ca. 600 participants (evening event)
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Thomas Hübl led an inspiring and moving meditation with about 650 people who went on a collective journey into the field of consciousness of Berlin. Through atunement and synchronisation in this large group, the shadow of the past from the Second World War  which is still present in the collective memory of Berlin (and Germany) could be clearly recognized and felt.

During the toning we directed our attention with compassion to the body of Berlin - the field of consciousness in which we live - in order to relieve the still present pain of a past era and to transform it into the power of today.

This finely vibrating atmosphere allowed a very high intelligence to be activated  and to be integrated more and more by us as a species. This intelligence can give us some answers to questions that we have asked for a long time individually and collectively.

The enormous potential of a common focus of consciousness became palpable. Everybody was touched and filled with a new feeling of "Us" which certainly can bring about reconciliation and can become an instrument of healing and transformation.


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