Global Awareness Assiciation

Global Awareness Assiciation

Healing Events und Synchronized Humanity Tour

Healing Event 2010

From trauma to a new power of responsibility

The „Healing Event“ April 24 in Berlin looked for a new approach towards the time of National Socialism

He sits in his wheelchair with a frozen face and follows the trial. His trial. John Demjanjuk is accused of aid to murder in at least 27,900 cases during National Socialism. A number as unimaginable and abstract as 55 million, the number of people who died during WWII. How can a trial against so-called “war criminals” like John Demjanjuk contribute to healing the wounds the war caused in countless families?

Flim Documentation about the Healing Event "Truth Heals" 2010

Truth Heals - 65 Years after, Berlin April 24, 2010

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