Global Awareness Assiciation

Global Awareness Assiciation

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Thomas Hübl
spiritual teacher and consciousness researcher; he connects the wisdom of the spiritual teachings of the past with the knowledge of our times. A focus of his work is synchronized group fields and their potential for healing.



Tom Steininger
Dr. Tom Steininger studied philosophy in Vienna focusing on topics of consciousness and social evolution. In 1994 he met the spiritual teacher and founder of EnlightenNext Andrew Cohen and today runs the German EnlightenNext center in Frankfurt/Main. Tom Steininger is the leading editor of the German edition of the Magazine EnlightenNext and gives lectures and seminars with topics on evolutionary philosophy and spirituality.


Andrew Cohen
Andrew Cohen is an American spiritual teacher and visionary, who has received a lot of recognition for his innovative contribution to the new area of evolutionary spirituality. With his lectures, retreats, publishings and continuing dialogs with leading philosophers, mystics and activists of our times, he is a competent voice in an international field of individuals and organizations, who are all cooperating in the next level of development of our human culture and human consciousness.


Ken Wilber
*1949, leading integral philosopher.









Ruth Golan
Ruth Golan is a clinical psychologist, a (Lacanian) psychoanalyst and a poet.

She is a student of the philosopher and visionary Andrew Cohen. Under his guidance she is researching and studying the Evolution of Consciousness and Evolutionary Enlightenment.

She lives, works and teaches in Tel-Aviv.

She teaches and writes on the way psychoanalysis and culture mutually influence one another and on the potential of spiritual and cultural evolution.


Günther Wieland
psychotherapist. As a young man he went to war enthusiastically and lost his eyesight as a soldier.








Eva Kor
born 1934, Eva Kor survived the holocaust. Because Eva and her sister Miriam were twins, Dr. Mengele selected them to remain alive for experiments. In 1993, Eva Mozes Kor met with Doctor Hans Munch, a Nazi doctor at Auschwitz. After this meeting, she wrote Dr. Munch a letter of forgiveness. Her forgiveness caused much anger from many survivors.


Assaf Amdursky
born 1971, is one of Israels most popular musicians.

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