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Global Awareness Assiciation

Healing Events und Synchronized Humanity Tour

Synchronized Humanity Tour

The Synchronized Humanity Tour consists of Projects and events that explore and further the potential for synchronizing many people—this new quality of deep connectedness—and uses this for the healing and integration of collective themes.

The first series of events, the Collective Healing Events, is dedicated to the healing and integration of repressed pain from the time of the NS regime and the Second World War.

Like no other historical event, the traumatic experience of the recent past is still in the shadow of collective consciousness of the German people. The victims as well as the perpetrators have both lived through much pain and destruction. Although a lot has been worked through already, given the large scale of the disaster, the suppressed emotions still have their effect even three generations later. Are there levels where our unconscious collective focus is still tuned to the narrowness of this traumatic experience? Has this focus become so normal to us that we do not even notice its effect?

Our intention is to bring to conscious awareness the wounds of the Second World War and the shadows in our collective feeling and to open a space for integration, - with many people, in different places in Germany and later in other countries too.

The Healing Events will take place on the initiative and with the cooperation of Thomas Hübl, a spiritual teacher and researcher of consciousness who offers workshops, tonings and trainings worldwide. In his work he leads people into the Presence, the Truth and the depth of each moment. He encourages people to look behind that which is well-known and to let go of the limiting concepts of the “I”. A main focus of his work is synchronized group fields of consciousness and their healing potential.

What can be the effect of a healing meditation?

If we can lift the painful collective experiences and emotions that were separated from our consciousness back into conscious awareness, then healing and integration can happen. A group of people reconnecting with the past situation can now contribute something that was not possible when the trauma happened: conscious feeling. Thus the suppressed emotions in the collective field of the place where the trauma happened can be transformed with the help of the higher levels of consciousness that are invited in and activated by a synchronised group field. The bigger and clearer that the group is in its intention and compassionate presence, the stronger is the healing effect.

The more we are able to accept and integrate this dark experience of the Third Reich consciously, clearly and collectively, the more we will be able as a nation to contribute to the important global questions concerning the future. Our understanding of what it means to be a human being will deepen. The quality that we need to accomplish integration is the same quality that the experience of the Second World War teaches us: true compassion.

Thus, the depth of feeling and compassion that is created during this Healing meditation is an essential part of the experience, which each individual can take away with them. If we recognize that compassion and depth are always in us, an opening towards our true essence will happen. It is also a touching experience, consciously to contribute in creating the common basis of our life. We are offering our aware, feeling presence to allow more joy and creativity to happen among ourselves.

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